About Najyyiah-Michelle


Artist Statement

One of the most beautiful things I value about dance is its agility in creating opportunity for natural multiple perspectives. Reading is cool. The cool thing about reading is that visualization experience that happens as you’re reading the words. Your mind naturally starts to conjure up a face to match a character being presented, or you can visibly see every detail of the living room setting that the author just described. Dance is the physical embodiment of that exact experience. When we view movement we start to create our own storyline and meaning. When we embody choreography generated by someone else, we are interpreting their story and mimicking summarization through a kinesthetic lense. This level of connectivity between movement and communication is what satisfies me most about the art form. 

I have been classically trained in ballet, tap, modern, and jazz since the age of three at the New School of Dance and Arts. I continued my training through high school at the Baltimore School for the Arts, and attained a degree in Dance Education from Arizona State University. Today, I continue to educate the community that nurtured my learning as an elementary school teacher. 

My goal, whether in the classroom, or in the studio, is to help facilitate a safe space that allows dancers to be more mindful movers. I aim to foster a space that promotes what I deem as the most authentic and intimate form of communication with no words or audible dialog: dance